About Us

Our goal at OribeWare games is to express and give shape to the ideas and stories on our heads that have spawned from years reading comics, watching tv and movies and playing videogames.

To do so, we rely on multimedia as ilustration, video, podcasting, animation and of course videogames.

We hope to be part of a wider and more active latin american game development environment in the years to come expanding to different platforms and proyects.

The Founders

Based on Pachuca Hidalgo at the center of México, Oribe Ware games was started by Benjamin and Gustavo Oribe Mendieta, systems engineer and visual artist, respectively. They both entered their profesional fields wanting to create something expresive, being video games the perfect common ground.

So far they’ve released two major projects, Tzompantli and Combate Monero, with a couple of projects over the years paving the way until now, learning new skills and improving on game design and art direction.