Combate Monero

Combate Monero is an indie fighting game where different Mexican comic book characters duke it out in combat. Sequel to our earlier game, Tzompantli, the fighting system is similar, with a fluid and dinamic style.

22 Fighters from a diversity of Mexican Indie comic Books, like Meteorix, Jours de Papier, el Bulbo, Zeraky and more are available to select, with more to come as the roster is expanded periodically.

Here are some Highlights from the game:

  • Cell Shaded Graphics with vibrant colors and varied and original characters.
  • Dynamic combat system inpired in Guilty gear and other anime fighters.
  • Classic Arcade mode with an end Boss battle and Ending for every Character.
  • Arcade Versus and Training Mode for one or two players.
  • Customizable Controls.
  • Original Soundtrack by Jake Wayne.
  • New Fighters will join the roster periodically, and Free!
  • New game modes will be added as well.
  • Made with Unity and teh UFE library!