TZOMPANTLI is a fast paced fighting game based on the comic books written and drawn by Mexican author Edgar Clément, about Angel Hunters, Archangels, Nahuales, Mexican policemen, japanese robots and ancient demons as they battle each other trying to collect the price on the Head of the Archangel Michael .

Some Highlights from the Game:

  • The game has 16 playable characters from the original comic books.
  • Each character has his or her own set of attacks, special moves and Super moves
  • Original Music soundtrack from DJ INSANO, Leonardo Castillo and FROSTER
  • Visual adventure style story mode (spanish only… for now). Each character has an unique story of it’s own, sequel to the”OPERACIÓN BOLIVAR” & “PERROS SALVAJES” Comic books
  • Versus Mode for 2 players
  • Training Mode
  • Stylized Cell shaded Graphics
  • 1 Alternate costume for every Character
  • 13 Stages from the original Comic books
  • Simple to understand combo system inpired from Guilty Gear and King of Fighters
  • Made in Mexico!